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Nice Design Loft Bed

Design loft bed – Building a loft bed is a way to create additional space for clothes, toys, suitcases and other bedroom items that no longer fit in the closet or under a traditional bed. The materials for constructing a loft for a twin mattress involves everything from lumber to common power tools and hardware. While building a loft bed is a significant undertaking. And run through a quick checklist that you have the right materials and tools will help make your project a success.

Hardware to build design loft bed, use lag or carriage bolts, hex bolts, lag screws. And also decking screws for prefabricated timber boards to one another and to the posts. Carriage bolts will vary between 3 1/2 inches to 8 inches long and fastened and secured with your key for heavier pieces. Likewise lag screws vary from 3 inches to 5 1/2 inches in length. Also each 2-inch and 2 1/2 inch decking screws and two or more 5-inch hex head.

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Other hardware needed to build a twin design loft bed include washers, steel finishing washers. And hex nuts for additional safety and give bolts and screws with a polished look. Shelf support should also be part of your arsenal of hardware to install built-in shelves for extra storage.

DIY Kids Loft Bed Ideas

DIY kids loft bed – Many people live in small spaces and you may need to be creative in designing your living room in a way that you can accommodate all your activities. It’s common to need a desk for schoolwork, sewing or working on a hobby. If you have a small space that won? Let you put both your bed and desk on the floor, building a loft bed with a desk underneath and you have plenty of space. When you’re finished building, you have a piece that is about 4 meters wide by 7 meters long by 6 meters high.

DIY kids loft bed, measure and cut the wood. In order to make the scope of the loft bed, you need four 4 x 4 posts; 2:02 x 8 pieces about 87 in length. And then two 2 x 8 pieces 48 in. long. The foundation of your mattress will take a piece of half-inch plywood 39 x 75 inches.

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DIY kids loft bed first. Start with the 4 x 4 posts. Drawing a line across the pad 12 inches from the top of each board. These lines are your guides to fasten your long 2 x 8 bits (side boards). And then you will attach the two x 8 bits on the inside of the 4 x 4s. Your mattress will be approximately 5 meters from the floor. On the opposite side of each post, mark locations for drill holes in the lines you drew. Then build your desktop. On the inside of each 4 x 4 legs, measure and draw a line about 28 in. From the floor.

Beds For Loft Rooms Idea

Beds for loft rooms – A raised bed not only saves space, it is really cozy too. On top of storage attached to the wall or as a separate floor, there are versions for all tastes and budgets. Smart, space-efficiently and neat. It’s not for nothing that the raised bed and the loft have become so popular.

Whether you stay small loft, to save space or just want to sleep high above the floor of loft rooms? Here one examples of beds for loft rooms. The bed does not have to be up at the balcony in the loft room. Young children should not use high beds for safety. As putting a child height or regular vintage bed in an industrial-style loft and use airspace for whimsical decor. Mismatched shabby chic flea market finds, flowers and patterned linens.

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Also antique toys and child-sized tables and chairs or desks make it feel like home. While smart homemade art projects can climb painted brick walls but the floor to ceiling curtains add some dignity to the beds for loft rooms design. Use strings of white holiday lights and wall hanging wine crates for sparkles and storage bed at the loft room. Tuck matching wicker baskets under the bed to keep extra blankets and a stuffed animal collection neatly out of sight.

Building Girls Loft Beds With Desk

Girls loft beds with desk come in handy in tight spaces. Is raised above the ground and allows the space below to be used for other purposes, they offer a space efficiency solution that other sleeping solutions simply cannot. By building a desk in a loft bed, you eliminate the need to purchase a separate desktop, saving time and money, and plenty of space.


Saw two 75-inch-long side rails and two 40-inch-long cross-members of the 2-by-8-inch timber. This is done to fit a twin mattress, the average size of a girls loft beds with desk. This is equal to 3 inches less than the total length of the side rails fitting the side rails and end rails in a rectangular frame with end rails between the side rails, and secure each joint of five 3-inch screws.

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Apply wood glue to the top of the guides and slide the slats in place. Stand bed on top ledge cut out legs and screw a 5/8 inch hole clear through both the outer part of the legs and the lower 2 inches of the bed frame. Building a ladder by screwing the rungs between the two steps rails and fixes it to the bed of 1-inch nails and corner brackets on both sides of the steps.


Do a “T” shape of the two parts, secured shorter in the middle of the longer using a 6-inch wood screw. Screw “T” in the side wall of the legs of the girls loft beds with desk with screws on each side to prevent it from rotating. Trim the excess laminate using a router, and apply the laminate on the side edges. Trim with the help of a router. So have a nice to decorate your girl room with a good decoration according to your girl’s style.

High Sleeper Loft Bed Ideas

High sleeper loft bed in a room with high ceilings, it could be another entire room. In the average home with an 8-foot ceiling, giving it a cozy nest to sleep. The area under the loft bed is then available for use as a study room, a media center with a TV and video games, a play, or even a large closet. An installation high sleeper loft bed is easily accomplished in a weekend.


Measure the corner of the room with a tape measure. You do not need a box spring. Measure out 5 meters from the floor and mark the wall with a pencil. Using a yardstick and a level, draw a horizontal line on the two walls where the high sleeper loft bed will be installed. Using a stud finder, locate the studs and mark the center of each, just above the 5-meter mark.

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Screw a 77-inch 2-by-6 board to the rear wall, by means of horizontal line to place the upper side of the board on the wall. Have a helper hold the board in place with the 6-inch edge against the wall, while drilling through it and into the studs.  Pre-drill two holes in each end of the remaining 77-inch board, 4/3 inch from the end. Using carriage bolts, attach to the top of the 4-by-4 posts to the side of the board is even with the top of the post. The boards at right angles by two carriage bolts.