Install Sliding Sunroom Windows

Sliding Sunroom Windows – We will only talk about metal sliding windows, without entering other types, such as folding and tilting. Although that “only” is somewhat relative because the aluminum sliding window is the most widespread type of glazing to date. Now we know that a sliding window with aluminum and single glass joinery has a very poor degree of sealing and insulation of the outside air. In fact, it is one of the main causes of you freeze inside your house in winter.

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The reason is that this type of glazing comes with a few problems. The solution is to install adhesive rubber weather strips on the sliding sunroom windows joints around the frame. The weather strips are adhesive rubber bands that are placing around the perimeter of the window leaf, where it joins the frame. In this way, they create a hermetic seal between the moving parts that prevents the drafts. Possibly your aluminum sliding window had already installed them, but they have been wearing away by the passage of time.

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At first, they perfectly fulfilled their function, but if you have never changed them. They may now be shattered by the continuous friction of opening and closing sliding sunroom windows for years. And now they will no longer be able to fulfill their function. In the market, we can find different types of weather stripping, according to the uses we want to give them.

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